Change is needed to grow. Sometimes it is necessary to survive. In life as in business. Let us guide you in your change, that of your professional activity or your company. Everyone calls themselves leaders; we define ourselves as "unique", because we are truly the only consultants capable of combining the international experience accumulated in over 20 years and the step-by-step care of the client. The phrase you will often hear from us will be? "We'll think about it".

01. Listening

What do you need? What are the problems you are facing on a professional level and what are those of your company?

02. Solutions

Every problem has a solution and we have the one that's right for you. We know how to process it and we know how to make it.

03. Privacy

Seriousness and confidentiality are the first two ingredients of each of our recipes. We don't talk about our customers, they talk about us.

The team

Roberto Maggio

Ceo & Founder

Vanessa Patitucci

Partner & Founder

Tanya Tsaneva Borsi

Partner & Founder

Nicola Catacchio


The results speak for us

“Our main advertising channel? They are our customers. Commitment and seriousness have made us appreciated, word of mouth has made us the point of reference in this sector..”




Lawsuits resolved


Tax consultancy


Founded Companies